Monday, 28 January 2013

15mm fortified camp (part 2)

This is the completed model, all assembled and ready to paint!

Here you can see some detail of the layered plywood construction, the final 2mm MDF top layer to create a recess for the removable Impetus size base (80x60mm) and the embankment and palisade realized using our 15mm Hoppidus modular fortification system.
MDF is not a very strong material so all exposed edges have been reinforced by soaking them with cyanoacrylate (superglue) this turns it into a much harder, resin-like material.
The insert show some of the camp figures and baggage used, these are going to be released very soon!
Here you can see the insert removed and replaced by an Impetus size base of troops to garrison the camp.
The gate is removable, I usually mount it on a separate base, but here there is a slope underneath that prevent this, so instead I made two brass guides which are mounted to the side and allow the gate to slid in and out as needed...
Watch this space for part 3!


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  1. hi there im extreamly interested in getting a quote for this model with one change. id like the removable section to be standard FOG camp size 120mm x 80mm with 3 tents and the camp followers. id appreciate if you could contact me at