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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

6x4 (180x120 cm) backdrops!

Just finished a couple of large terrain mats, both commission orders.
This is a 6x4 in "Desert" finish, the tank is a 1/100th scale (15mm) Zvezda plastic model (originally I did mistakenly wrote Tamiya) just primed...
the idea was to have an example of a neutral grey region as well as a scale reference, but it turned out the primer I used is a distinct blue hue... bugger!

Taken with the same light but the image has been processed adding a strong contrast enhancement to show off details. The actual color variation is more subtle and overall the terrain color is much lighter than this!
This is a shot with a strong light placed very low and some extra contrast added in post processing to pick up the detail of the texture, the colors are burned out as a result...
 again actual colors with contrast enhancement
This is a 6x4 in "Temperate" finish, the tank is the same as above, the figure is a 1:100 (15mm) Norman knight from our own range:

For a look at the "Arid" (dry terrain) finish see

You'll find more details and information about these terrain mats here:
...and if you have any question just drop me a line at the address you'll find there!


  1. Whoo Hoo.. can't wait to get the desert mat sent. Thanks Claudio, very nice work.

    1. and heres a pic of the mat in action...

  2. Very nice terrain! And blog!

  3. Gorgeous mat. Since when did Tamiya do 1/100 scale tanks?

  4. I just checked the Tamiya website and there are no listings for 1/100th scale tanks. This must have been a typo. Very nice mats!

    1. Yup, sorry, that's a Zvezda 1/100th scale tank!



  5. Beautiful work. I hope one day to play on a surface this nice.

  6. Adorable.. The color and size is good. I have to pay you a huge compliment in making this up.