Thursday, 31 January 2013

28mm Bedouin tents

This is a work in progress preview of a couple of new 28mm tent models I'm working on...

The large model is still mostly armature at this stage, but that is in fact the main part of the work done!
The oversize poles seen here are only for structural strength, they will be removed before casting the models and a set of accurately scaled poles will be supplied with it. Similarly, the guy ropes are only there to give a realistic stretch to the assembly but will not be cast on for technical reasons... it will be easy to re-wire the model up later if one wishes...
the smaller one has a complete cover already in place, I still need to add some jars and packed up goods stowed inside next to the entrance and a bit of terrain all round it, then is ready to go to molding... which is going to be a rather challenging business!
Both tents will have an open front, with interior details and a close end. Accurately scaled for 28mm figures, the large one is approximately 7" x 5" x 2.5" while the smaller one is 5"x3.5"
x 2.5"


  1. Have you advanced this idea toward production?

  2. Hi, did these make it to production at all? They look like they may be perfect for a project I have on the go :)

    1. Not in production yet, but I'm getting things organized with Ainsty Casting, the plan is to do a kickstarter campaign together for these and another dozen or so 28nm models, hopefully early next year...