Friday, 11 July 2014

These are the latest mats, the tank shown for scale only is the same 1/100th scale (15mm) Zvezda plastic model just primed grey you can see also in the pictures of the Desert finish here

here you can see side by side the difference between the "Temperate" (above) and "Mediterranean" finish (below)
 another comparison shot of the two different styles, here you can also see clearly the border and the thickness of the actual material
an overall view of the Mediterranean mat, like all other images in this page this picture has been taken with natural light coming from a window and artificial light at the opposite end. You can clearly see the yellowish tint toward the top of the picture and the blue tint at the bottom (the tank is painted neutral grey!) both are digital artefacts due to the different color temperature of the lights. The actual colors are somewhere in the middle between the two... 
 close up showing some of the different terrain textures

Click here for more examples of our Terrain Mats!

You'll find more details and information about these terrain mats here:
...and if you have any question just drop me a line at the email address you'll find there!

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