Tuesday, 21 May 2013

28mm sandbag bunker (High quality resin cast sandbag bunker to use with miniatures from 28mm up to 36+mm)

Hi guys!
We are already producing a range of high quality resin cast wargame terrain, designed specifically for our 1-48TACTIC range of 1:48 WWII miniatures and fully compatible with 28mm figures. Currently this range already include several basic modular fortifications and entrenchments, including a small sandbag bunker, the 28003CB sentry post.
We now want to add a new massive sandbag bunker to the range!
Plenty more pictures and full details on the indieagogo campaign page!

Large models like this are expensive to put into production and since Baueda Wargames is still pretty much a one man band (that would be me) with very limited financial resources I've decided to ask for your help to make it happen!
So I need your hard earned cash to finance the costs of putting more awesome new models in production, but what's in it for you? You get the option to acquire the models with a substantial discount even before they are added to our catalog and begin to ship to retailers. I'm doing this to pay for the growth of the company, so basically you are getting the products at cost price, but hurry! The campaign will only last until Fri 14th of June, so grab your chance to be part of it NOW!

If for any reason you don't want or can't contribute to the campaign, but you would still like to see this product added to our catalog so that it will soon be available also from your local retailer then please help to get the word out, let your friends know, share this on facebook and make some noise about this campaign in your local gaming community! You'll have our everlasting gratitude and will help us bringing to life yet more new fantastic models!

Thank you and have fun!

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