Thursday, 4 April 2013

6x4 (180x120 cm) backdrops!

Just finished a 6x4 BATTLEGROUND terrain mat, this is a picture in natural light, as it rest half folded against a bookshelf:
 the tank is the usual 1/100th scale (15mm) Zvezda plastic model used also as a scale reference in the pictures of the "Arid" (dry terrain) finish at and "Desert" + "Temperate" examples shown at
 same as above but with light turned on and a slight contrast enhancement in post processing
and this is a close up which I did using a strong light from behind to show the texture, but unfortunately it did burn out the colors almost completely...
The couple of 36mm figures are from our own 1:48 scale range:

You'll find more details and information about these terrain mats here:
...and if you have any question just drop me a line at the address you'll find there!

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