Friday, 9 December 2011

WIP field kitchen

I just wanted to share a first look at another WIP: field kitchen for Roman and Medieval armies!

This is a test cast of the two scenic sets with the metal details in place, each comprise four individual pieces that can be used in a great number of different settings. (The thin square base is just a left over of the casting process, it's very easy to separate the parts from it).
Marco should soon start working on some figures for them; the two packs will include one of the sets above plus themed figures for it; but the resin on their own can be used for a much wider variety of armies...

The thing that look like a modern stove in the top left corner of the cast on the right is of course a Roman craticula, a combined broiler, boiler and stove based on original size and dimensions of the Pompeii craticula shown in Naples' National museum. 
Unlikely to ever had been a standard army issue admittedly but it would certainly make an officer life more comfortable, especially in colder climates!


  1. Do you have a release date for these two kitchens.

  2. Hi Jon,

    I have the master of the figures on my desk, need to do the production molds and then they're good to go... I'd say a month or so...