Monday, 12 December 2011

NRM7 - Norman Milites charging with lance overarm

Latest addition to our growing range of 15mm Normans is a pack of Milites charging with lance overarm:

as opposed to charging with lance underarm as those already released as NRM2:

The new pack include 4 mounted figures as usually, in the 3 poses shown.
These are separately cast horse and raiders (again unlike NRM2 which are cast in one single piece); lances are also supplied separately, so you can easily replace them with thin brass rod if you prefer.
Another difference is that the shield of the figures in the new NRM7 pack is flat, there is no central raised boss, to allow for even more variation when you mix them with other packs...

These are actual production casts, not a WIP, so these are going to be available very soon...
More figures for this and the other ranges are always in development!



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  1. These figures are now available here: