Sunday, 20 November 2011

15mm Wattle Fence!

Just got the first test cast of these!
The figure is one of our own 15mm Normans for size comparison. There are three different wattle fence parts: a straight section 80mm long, one 40mm long and a 40mm section with a gate on. No need for curved sections as these can be easily bent exactly at the angle you want simply by warming them up (an hair-drier would do the trick nicely) and then set them again by plunging them in cold water.

Can be used from prehistory up to contemporary settings in any rural area; I know there are already quite a few around but I also know from personal experience (I bought them!) that they are either extremely brittle and fragile or poorly modelled and worst cast... some even all of it! :)  Beside I'm starting to work on several 15mm dark age buildings to go with our own miniatures so I figured we really needed a decent set of hazel fencing for it!
The commercial pack include 5 x 80mm long sections and one each of the others.

Code: 15WFN – 15mm wattle fence.

The model are approximately 10mm wide at the base and the pack makes for 48cm (19 inches) of continuous fence!!!

This model is now available as part of the Urbis range!

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