Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Modular bridge extension!

Nearly ready with the extension for our modular rural bridge!
This is a test shot for the painted sample, apologies for the crappy lighting...
On the left you can see the components, the free-standing supports match those of the bridge pack so they can be combined to extend it as much as one likes!
At the top a shot of the bridge plus one extension pack. The side ramps are designed to be just a little higher to match the extra height the bridge is going to be at when you place it on top of a river model. If you want them at the same height for any reason you can either base the post on a 2mm piece of hardboard or plasticard or sand off the 2mm extra base at the bottom of the ramps...

Coming next is a modular stone quay, you can use the bridge extension pack together with this to make a small wooden jetty, perfect for 28mm figures, or as much larger harbour dock for 15mm!
The second longer wooden dock is the central section of the bridge pack; the figures are Warlord Games (28mm Roman) and Essex (15mm Celtic); all the stacked goods are from our own line of supplies.
The boat is another work in progress... :)

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