Monday, 4 March 2013

New 15mm VIKINGS!

 very happy to finally be able to show off some of the new 15mm vikings I've been working on! These are intended to supplement our current range, which you can see in all its glory at

The original range has been sculpted by M. Campagna who also sculpted the majority of all our 15mm figures, so I've tried to keep these as consistent as possible with his work in style, size and proportion. As a result of this, the new spear armed Vikings can be mixed with the rest of the range, even on the same base, as well as with all other "standard" 15mm figures that like ours are designed to be compatible with Essex 15s.
I've designed these new figures following the most recent research, they are dressed and armed appropriately for 750-1050 AD freemen and also have a small axe as a sidearm. They are specifically designed so that it is possible to arrange them in a compact shieldwall formation with overlapping shields and will come in packs of 8 figures picked at random from about a dozen different variations. 

in the last picture you can see the main difference between the two codes: VIK11 include figures that have the shoulder line almost perpendicular to the shield which allow for the spear to be cast on with the rest of the figure all in one piece. VIK12 include figures who are facing straight to the enemy with the shoulders roughly parallel to the shield. These have ring hands and will be supplied with separate spears. You can easily replace the tin spears with brass or steel in both packs if you like, although in the case of VIK11 you'll need to cut off the cast-on spear first, but it's a very quick and easy job to do anyway... personally I like to use the tin ones, they look better IMO and if they happen to bend I just straight them up... I've done this many many times already and never broke one, thanks to the high quality lead free alloy we use, however even if one should eventually brake a that point I can replace it with a brass one! Don't see the point to do it beforehand, especially since the cast on ones will happily last me for years anyway... :)

What you see here are actual production casts, so these should be available soon!
I may delay a bit the release of VIK12 because I'd like to add a small sprue of alternative weapons to the pack, so that customers can arm some of the figures with axes and swords instead of spear and mix them in the ranks of Bondi warriors... or maybe I should put those separately in a mixed equipment pack, with some extra spear and shields which can always come handy for detailing the camp etc... what you think?

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