Monday, 10 December 2012

This is a new 6x4 in "Arid" finish, the tank is the same 1/100th scale (15mm) Zvezda plastic model just primed grey you can see also in the pictures of the Desert and Temperate finish here
The pictures have been taken with the artificial light, the customer kindly allowed me to hold on the finish mat for a week to see if I can get better pictures but the weather this time of the year is just too cloudy and images always comes up very bluish hue...
(The mat is draped over some boxes in these pictures...)
6x4 in "Arid" finish
of course I can color correct them in post processing as I did with the image above, taken with artificial light, but still the resulting image looses much of the subtle color variations in the actual backdrop color...
 Norman knight from our own range:

Natural and artificial light mixed
6x4 in "Arid" finish
 The last image was taken with natural light only then the image has been processed to add some contrast enhancement. The real color is somehow halfway between all these, but a bit lighter...

You'll find more details and information about these terrain mats here:
...and if you have any question just drop me a line at the address you'll find there!

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